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Rich Bailey, Driver

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April 27th - 28th Woodburn, OR*

May 18 - 19 Woodburn, OR

June 14th - 15th Boise, ID*

June 21st - 22nd Spokane, WA*

June 28th - 29th Yakima, WA*

July 4 - July 5 Independence, OR

July 11 - 14 Marion County Fair

July 19 Burgerville, Albany

July 26-28 Woodburn, OR

Aug 3 Billings, MT*

Aug 16th-17th Spokane, WA*

Sept. 7 Burgerville, Albany

Sept. TBA Medford
, OR*

* Blown Alcohol Thunder Series
More events to be added soon!

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Updated: June 24, 2019 Seeing old dated stories? Refresh your browser!

"Jungle Luck" puts Capitol Dragster in the Winners Circle at Nitro Spring Nats!

After months of mechanical struggles, The Capitol Auto Group Dragster won the B final at the Nitro Spring Nationals presented by Dr. Pepper. The Capitol Dragster made a consistent string of strong six second runs in which we won all but one round to qualify for the final four which includes the quickest two pairs of cars in the field. This was pretty impressive since there were 14 cars in the Blown Alcohol Thunder class and some of those are usually quicker than our car.

In the final round, we were matched up with Wes Garvin who is tough as nails and has been in every final round this season so we had to bring our A game if there was even a chance of beating him. As the lights came down I had a .048 reaction time and made it to the finish line with a 6.87 at 201 MPH! My opponent in the other lane red lit by -005 which automatically gave us the win.

On Satuday, we had some "Jungle Luck" as Randy Liberman, the son of famous drag racing legend "Jungle Jim" Liberman served as an honorary crew member on the Capitol team. We need the help too as it was just Brent and I that made the trip to Spokane. Randy made a significant contrabution to the team and his help was very much appreciated.

Next up is Nitro Nights Under the Lights this weekend in Yakima. Then we will be home for the parade in Independence and hopefully another display at the fireworks site next to the river if they will allow us the space for the car but they always do. 

- Rich Bailey


Long Awaited Shelby Mustang Preview!

We waited patiently and today is the day Ford Motor Company announced their official power output, in terms of horsepower and torque, for the new 2020 Shelby GT500!

In this episode of American Muscle’s Mustang News, Justin Dugan shares his excitement for FOMOCO’s announcement timed perfectly as Ford Performance was present at AM2019 last weekend with their Rapid Red ’20 GT500. Justin shares some additional facts and speculations you won’t want to miss.

Check Out AM News here


Bailey's Blog:

No Break for the Capitol Team in Boise

Our trip to Boise amounted to a lot of work as a different "problem of the day" presented itself on both Friday and Saturday but having Brent Sanford back on the team is both reassuring and like old times. But not even Brent could stop the curent rein of mechanical bad luck we continue to expereince this season at every turn. Brent, Russ and myself work well together on this trip and we still had fun regardless of what was thrown at us.

On Friday, we did a car display for the New Family before heading to the track around noon. When we got to Firebird Raceway we had a new problem as the starter would not engage properly. Fortunately, I recently had a starter freshened up by Walz and after replacing starters and batteries the car fired up effortlessly in the pits. Then on the fire up we noticed the transmission still was not working correctly. It turned out that the transbreak has been the culprit all along including at Woodburn two weeks ago. Thanks to Brent Jones we were covered for the weekend as he loaned us his spare transbreak.

So, with all of those fixes taken care of we were ready to race. On our practice run the plan was to click it off at 3/4 track to be sure everything worked including the chutes and then be ready for Saturday's main event. On the test run the car ran great! I had a good reaction time and the car carried the front wheels before charging to the finish line. We had a little oil come out out from the back of the manifold at the start of the return road. So, back in the pits we pulled the intake to completely fix it.

Once the car was back together on Saturday we checked the valves. It turned out that a threaded insert used to hold down a rocker stand backed out. We tried every option to fix it but there was no option available to us as every machine shop in town was closed. We even had a local gentleman help us locate a machinist but to no avail. Some things can't be fixed at the track while others can. Even as minor as this initially seemed, it was not fixable at the track without the proper part, a small $5.00 insert. I was numb when we came to the realization that this ended our weekend. So we then had no choice but to pack up.

Thanks to Russ and Brent for doing a great job this weekend. We plan to be back in action in time for the Nitro Nights Under the Lights race in Yakima, June 29th.

- Rich Bailey


No Brakes Stop Capitol Team at Tulip!

Unfortunately, the Tulip Festival race was not the outing we were hoping for, especially since it was our first ever DragParts.com Blown Alcohol Thunder race at Woodburn. All ten cars that entered showed up but by the second round only four were left. Several teams broke and we were one of them. Too bad as I'm convinced that we would have made the B final. On a side note, I was very disappointed at the spectators that had expressed interest in having this race but didn't show up to support it.

Normally we need to have a test session to get all of the bugs worked out of the car at the start of the season. But what seems to be the story of my life, we had a lot of unplanned set backs over the last few weeks which closed the gap on having the car ready to go on time for the Tulip Festival Drags. Normally, this race rains out but this year it was sunny but cold at times.

On top of all the set backs, I was out of town for a graduation for two days prior to the event. While at the airport on Wednesday, I ordered a missing part from Biondo Racing but as our luck would have it UPS did not deliver the part which had us scrambling to rig something up at the last possible minute. By Friday evening that was fixed but it took up five hours of time trying to remedy the problem with different parts bought at Ace Hardware and Steve Tepper's Performance Racing.

On Saturday we had a whole flurry of gremlins that needed to be addressed and 100 percent of our time from 8 am to 7 pm was fixing the problems which included a dead battery, a loose starter ring and several other problems we had not anticipated. We were very fortunate to have Keith McCurdy helping us as we were a long way from having a running car without him.

On Sunday morning, we had one more qualifying shot even though the race is supposed to be an all run affair starting at noon. No problem, we needed the check out pass anyway and we were finally ready after running out of problems to fix. The car fired up easily and it felt and sounded like old times. I did my burnout and the car kept rolling. I then realized that I had no brakes so I slowly coasted through and had enough power to get off the track. We walked the car back to the pits and it turned but that a plate which held the caliper in place broke which sheered off a brake line. I checked the other caliper and it was solid so it was a fluke.

The silver lining is this: had the brakes held together through the buurnout and then the problem occured on the full run then I might not be typing this story right now. I would either be in the hospital or licking my wounds with a tore up race car. The other positive is that we now have a strong engine now that is ready to go for the June race in Boise. Thanks so much to Steve, Keith, Dave and Russ for hanging in there it was a tough weekend and everyone worked hard to get the car running properly!

- Rich Bailey




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