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Updated July 3, 2015

We would like to wish everyone a happy and safe fourth of July! Picture Produced by our good friend Jim M. White!

The Colossal Story!

It's Time for an Update... Yes I'm Still Racing!

Update: This is the new body built by Gary Eickmann which just got finished. Mark Adams from Supervinyl Signs will wrap it prior to the IHRA Nitro Jam in Spokane

I was out at the Oldie But Goodie Drags at Woodburn. I was there as a spectator supporting the track when two people came up to me at separate times and asked me if I was still racing? My immediate thoughts were that I must not be giving my sponsors the exposure they deserve for people to think that. But why even ask that question? I couldn't enter that event even if I wanted too since it's for older front engine cars.

But then I thought, wait a second! So far, I have a runner up, top speed and low ET at the first points race of the season in Medford, I'm currently in fourth place in the Blown Alcohol Thunder points, we were at the Woodburn Season Opener, I staged two car shows this year, one in May for Burgerville and we had the car at Capitol's West Valley store in Dallas. And on most weekends since then, we have been working on the engine after we spun a couple of bearings. We also serviced the differential and put a new set of wheels and tires on the car in order to correct a couple of problems. That's not much compared to last season but we have a whole month's worth of racing ahead of us in July. So yeah, I'm still racing.

Our new much talked about body will be finished by early next week and in the interest of time we are going to wrap it instead of painting it, the engine is finally finished after some technical challenges with the rotating assembly, our new t-shirts just rolled off the press today and we're getting ready for the IHRA Nitro Jam next weekend in Spokane. This race is our crown jewel - it's Indy for us. It's a national event and it's televised. It will be the biggest race we have ran in years. We will give it all we've got to get into the event's Final Four. Then it's off to Montana for another race the following weekend.

On a sad note we will be missing the Western Days Parade this year for the first time in a very long time. The reason? We won't be able to get the car put back together in time and my display man Richard Lytle is recovering from surgery which was performed today. On a bright note he's already to go to Spokane but he still needs a little time before that to heal.

All next week it will be a race against time to be ready for Spokane. It will be a challenge but Brent and I will get it done. Brent's got his spring back in his step and the nights are long and the days are hot so we can do this.

I will up date you here as soon as I have more information to report.

- Rich Bailey

Spokane IHRA Nitro Jam will have "Final Four" Format for both Alcohol Classes

The IHRA national event in Spokane known as the "Nitro Jam" calls for a brief departure in the traditional DragParts.com Blown Alcohol Thunder round robin format. Since this race is national competition and is nationally televised, showing a class with two rounds of Chicago style racing with an index will not translate well to a national TV audience. Granted, there's nothing like seeing racing live at the track regardless of the format, but watching it at home can be challenging if not presented in the right way.

This event is our Indy or our Pomona. Simply put it's our biggest race ever and we need to present it as such. As a result, there will be a change for this race only using the "Final Four" concept. The good news is everyone still gets two qualifying passes where they will get paid as the purse is currently set. The first qualifying round will be on Friday night. Then on Saturday night at 7PM when the big show begins, DragParts.com Blown Alcohol Thunder will get a second qualifying session.

After the second session on Saturday night, the four quickest cars based on the four quickest runs from the previous two qualifying sessions come back for the "Final Four". The final four cars will be put on a ladder and will face each other elimination style. Then the two winners from that round face each other in the finals.

This will make the racing more exciting as everyone will want to make it into the Final Four and ten points will be earned per round. It will be good for the teams because instead of two cars moving on to the next round after making two hits, four cars will. There will also be no index or a dial in at this race which will makes it easier for the spectators and those at home watching the race on TV to understand. We will go back to the traditional "Chicago style" racing at the following event in Montana.



At Press Time!
Late Breaking News

Car Down for Maintenance

The dragster returns to the shop to finish work on the body while the engine is being rebuilt.

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Off and On Rain Showers Fail to Sink Car Show

Mother nature tried and tried to throw us a bitter raspberry with off and on showers all day that were NOT in the forecast. But it didn't work! There was still a good turn out for the Burgerville car show considering all the rain and we managed to raise some money for the South Albany High School restoration project where 100 percent of all the money collected went to the school.

Fortunately, we were able to scrape together a lot of prizes at the last minute so we kept calling tickets for door prizes (no purchase required due to state gambling laws) until the rain stopped. It seemed to work as everyone stayed around during the longest hardest down pour.

A total of 24 cars showed up and it was a hoot as everyone seemed to have fun. Burgerville stayed busy during the event and they were very happy with the results from the show. A portion of the food sales also went to the restoration project and they were very busy throughout the evening.

What was ironic was we spent an evening dummying up the engine when it had to be covered up half of the time because of showers. Oh well it was all a success in spite of all the curve balls.


Bailey's Blog

The Rocketeer to be at Burgerville Show as Team Shows Resolve After Temporary Set Back

The Rocketeer is ready to go for the Burgerville Cruise-in this Friday Night!

Last week leading up to the Season Opener at Woodburn was ominous. There was nothing good about it other than we ultimately found out that we suffered a few hundred dollars worth of damage and not a few thousand. The week started with bad news regarding a set of Hoosier tires that I had bought. It was thought that they had been discarded and were then "recycled". Next, our wench had to be replaced when the cable got jammed. On top of that our jack went on the fritz which lead to the car sliding against the wall of the trailer the Friday night before the event. And, our crew chief Rick Klampe was unable to make the trip from Bend for the race due to a medical problem. Trust me, I was ready to throw up my hands before the weekend even started,

Fortunately, Richard and Brent were available and I was able to talk Drag Racing Guru Keith McCurdy to help us along with my good friend Dave Wilson whome I've known forever. So I had enough qualified help. The game plan was simple: take our time and make sure everything was in good working order and then make a test pass.

We knew we may have some problems as we noticed very low oil pressure when we fired the car up the week before at Capitol's Dallas store. But I was optimistic that we would fix what ever might be wrong and make a pass by the end of the day on Saturday. Sometimes however, optimism doesn't always pan out the way you hoped it would. Some of my best performances have started out on these types of weekends but not this one.

Our engine this past weekend at the Season Opener at Woodburn!

As we dug into the engine, we found that we had smoked the crank as we spun a couple of bearings. Since I had good help on hand, I drove home and returned with the cherry picker and by the end of the day the block and crank was in the trunk of Keith's car headed to Portland. We watched a little bit of racing and was able to make the best of it. But there were some worries. I had an event to do this Friday at Burgerville and now the car wouldn't be available. On Sunday, I searched the pits looking for a substitute to display the car but was unable to find anyone. But then Dave Cookman came to the rescue and pledged to be there but one round later Dave found himself in the same boat I was in and dropped a valve.

Burgerville is a new sponsor so the last thing I wanted to happen was to be a no show and after doing some soul searching I realized I was going about this the wrong way by looking for a substitute. It was time to pull my head out and demonstrate the resolve that has got this team where it is today. So I called Richard and he agreed that it would be foolish and lazy not to do what ever it took to have the car there. So tonight we pulled out our "use only in the event of an emergency or you are in a jam" block put it in the car. Two ours later we had a whole new engine in the car as seen in the photo above.

I really love Burgerville and I didn't want to let them down so the dragster will be at the Albany store for a cruise-in this Friday from 3 until dark. Thanks to Richard and all of his hard work for making this possible. I feel much better knowing it will there and I hope to see you all there!

Rich Bailey -


Capitol Rocketeer Dragster Displayed at the Capitol West Valley Store in Dallas

The Capitol team had a great time at the Capitol West Valley store in Dallas over the weekend. We fired the car up but didn’t run it for very long as we noticed our oil pressure was low which could be a bad sign that there is a spun bearing or perhaqps it was just the pump. We will be pulling the engine a part on Monday in order to find the problem.

Quite a few people came by at random including Kevin Mac, the morning man at KYKN who was driving by with his daughter. And then there was a family that drove by on their way to Salem. The kid kept bugging his mom to turn around and go back so they stopped in to Capitol on their return trip. We gave out posters, pictures and some DVD’s. Hot Dogs from our old friends at "Deenie's Weenies" were provided to everyone who came by.



Capitol Team Fights Traction in Wild Runner Up Finish when Track Temps Dip

Imagine yourself strapped into a blown alcohol dragster, under the lights and hear the track operator tell you just before start up to not be a hero out there and let up if you have too. That was the advice I was given by the track operator just prior to the final round where it had dropped 23 degrees in just an hour after our prior run. Champion Raceway isn't as bad of a track as some say it is, but it's no secrate that it can get a little slippery for the high horsepower cars after the sun goes down and it starts to cool off.

When we go to Medford it seems we always have our backs against the wall. And usually that's a pretty good sign that it will be a great weekend for the Capitol Team. And true to form it was as we we earned low ET, top speed and a runner up finish. But as always when we have a race scheduled in Medford, the events leading up to the race border on insanity.

First, we didn't get the car back from the chassis shop until 10:30 Wednesday night. Then on Thursday there were different people working on the car at different times due to scheduling. We had to do what ever it took in order to get the dragster ready for an early Friday departure to Medford. Usually, we like to have the car ready a few days prior to an event so we can fire it up and be sure everything is in good working order. But that was not possible this time as the finishing touches would have to be done at the track. Finally, we pushed the car in the trailer almost completed at about 10:00 PM on Thursday.

On Friday, we reached Medford at 3 PM which was right on time to do a solo car display at Sherm's Food For Less where we handed out coupons for the race as well as let the kids and even an 83 year old woman sit in the car. The display was a success as over 35 coupons were returned to the track the following day. At about 6 PM we loaded the car and headed to the track. We set up our pit and then had dinner with Brent Jones and his Lawless Funny car team at the Texas Roadhouse before calling it a night.

On Saturday everything seem to be going as planned until we fired the car and then immediately shut it off due to no oil pressure. After a lot of hard work and help from Brent Jones we finally got the oil pressure up and made the first round in the nick of time. Unfortunately, over the winter our batteries wore down so we had to fight that problem as well. We ended up having to use the generator to boost the batteries with two chargers in the bed of the truck in order to start the car at the starting line.

In round one, we drew a single and ripped off Low ET and Top Speed of the event with a 7.23 at 192 MPH which is great for a track with a compromised surface. The run was not bad considering it was our first pass ever with the new engine and I shook the tires right off the line. In round two, we raced against our friend George Moore. At the hit booth cars shook but I was able to grab the win light.

It was a wild pedal fest in the final round with Burgerville vs. Dairy Queen. I had the race in the bag and was ahead by a couple of car lengths. But I lost traction at about 850 feet and shook as I shifted. By then, Brent who was having traction problems of his own, got his funny car to hook and nosed by me at the finish line and won by a tenth of a second. While we were disappointed we lost, our team was very happy for Brent and his team who came all the way from Montana.


Terry Haddock Competes at Houston with 1Diamond and ProMotion Motorsports

Terry Haddock Qualified for the NHRA Sringnationals in Houston with 1Diamond. The team was also sponsored by Rich Bailey's ProMotion Motorsports Services who sponsored the design work for the event. If you need renderings, proposals, handout cards, public relations or a website please call us at 503-370-9164.


Promotion Welcomes Back Walery's Pizza and John and Sharon Palmer!

Promotion Motorsports welcomes back Walery's Premium Pizza to the Capitol Auto Group Dragster. We are very excited to have Dave and Marsha Walery back who are the owners of Walery's for another year. The Walerys are big supporters of both national and regional drag racing. We are also pleased to have John and Sharon Palmer support our team. The Palmers are sponsoring our fuel this season and we appreciate their involvement.

Walery's Premium Pizza is the hottest pizza parlor in town on any Friday or Saturday night and even during the rest of the week. In a world filled with marginal pizza chains and take out joints, Walery's restores that old fashioned pizza parlor atmosphere at very competitive prices! No wonder they attract families for gatherings, parties or just a simple night out.

Besides their excellent pizza, Walery's also has great burgers where you can pile on your own toppings at the condiment bar to make them taste extra special! During the lunch hour they also have an all you can eat pizza and salad buffet.

Walery's is located in the Safeway shopping center in West Salem. From downtown Salem, take the bridge and drive one mile and get off at the Rosemont exit. Or go to their website at http://www.waleryspizza.com for further information

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The History of the Rocketeer

The Rocketeer Dragster was built in the honor of Raymond Dixon. Raymond was a young Jr. Dragster racer living in Arizona who sadly contracted terminal cancer. The original owner of the car chose to build the Rocketeer Dragster for him because of the boy's love for the original Rocketeer comic books. Raymond got to see the dragster race before his passing and a replica of the Rocketeer was placed in his casket.

The car was eventually sold to Rich Bailey of Salem, Oregon. While it was very tempting to repaint the car completely to make room for sponsors, Rich wanted to always keep the Rocketeer livery in the memory of Raymond and other children who have battled cancer.

In no way is the car named after or even remotely affiliated with the movie of the same name or the production company that made the film.