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Driver: Rich Bailey

Car Chief: Brent Sanford

Chief Fabricator: Troy Hannemann

Crew and displays: Richard Lytle

Engines and Heads: Keith McCurdy

Transmission by: Jeff Marsh

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2017 Events...

Jan 20-21
Winter Rod and Speed Show
Linn County Expo Center
Albany, Oregon

Feb 2
West Coast Sha' Bang
Oregon State Fair Grounds
Salem, Oregon

March 19-21
Portland Roadster Show
Expo Center
Portland, Oregon

May 6
Capitol Auto Group

May 13
Cascade High School
Turner Oregon

*May 20-21
Season Opener
Woodburn Dragstrip

*May 27
Season Opener
Renegade Raceway

*June 9-10
Spokane County Raceway

*July 1
Nitro Nights
Renegade Raceway

July 4
Independence OR

July 30-31
Night of Fire
Woodburn Dragstrip

*August 5
Billings Montana

*August 17-18
Nitro Summer Nationals

*August 26
Burgerville Car Show

September 1-4
Oregon State Fair
Salem OR

September 14
Fifties in the Fall
Lebanon OR

Sept. 23-24
Fall Classic

* Blown Alcohol Thunder Series


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Capitol Dragster to Make Last Race for the 2017 Season at Fall Classic

The Capitol Auto Group Dragster will be at the Fall Classic this weekend at Woodburn Dragstrip on both Saturday and Sunday! This is your last chance to see Funny Cars and Jets as the 2017 drag racing season in Oregon is winding down. And it was a good one too! The best time to get there either day is around 11:00 and then stay for as long as you like. Admission for adults is 25.00 or 20.00 with a coupon from the fair or BiMart. Admission includes parking and pit access.


Dragster at 50's In The Fall Car Show

A great time was had by all at the Fifties in the Fall Car Show. Great weather attracted a good crowd and over 200 cars were on display for the public’s approval. We fired the Dragster up twice during the event to a large crowd and the display generated a lot of interest all day. A lady came up and expressed interest in the car so at random we put her in the driver’s seat and fired it up. Her timing was good as she wasn’t expecting such an exciting opportunity that will be a life time memory for her.

It was just dumb luck but they judged our tow vehicle and it won the best modern truck award and it wasn’t meant to be part of the show. A big thanks to Troy Hannemann and Richard Lytle for their help in making this great event possible for the Capitol team!

Hands on, Mobile Marketing at it's Best:
Dragster a Big Draw at State Fair

The Capitol team delivered maximum exposure and a lot of good will at the Oregon State Fair for our sponsors and the sport of drag racing at large. Even though we would have been happy displaying the car in one of several grassy areas around the fair, to our surprise the Oregon State Fair staff selected one of the best locations at the entire fair! We were placed at the center of the main isle and not only that but they even allowed us to display the trailer with the car giving Capitol and all of our marketing partners a big presence at the fair.

We have done a lot great public events over the years including the State Fair but this was one of the best due to the prime location. The car was a giant draw most of the time and we had personal interaction with hundreds if not thousands of people as we stayed with the car most of the time over the four day period that the car was on display. As usual we let the kids sit in the car, autographs were signed, hero cards were given out and we gave over 1,000 coupons for the Woodburn Dragstrip.

The dragster was supposed to have been racing at the final Blown Alcohol Thunder race in Idaho Falls but due to some ongoing mechanical problems we chose to stay local and display the car instead. This was a good move as it was hands on, mobile marketing at it's best and arguably nobody does it better than us. A big thanks to all that helped including: Richard Lytle, Brent Sanford, Brad Christman and Dave Wilson. The four day run in the heat couldn't have happened without them!


Capitol Dragster Displayed at Albany Burgerville Car Show

It was a little bit of post-eclipse madness as the Capitol dragster along with a dozen of the finest hot rods in the mid-valley displayed at the Albany Burgerville. The event was billed as the Post Eclipse Car Show and held on the Saturday after the much anticipated and worried about solar eclipse. A big thanks to everyone that came and a big shout out to the Albany Burgerville for supplying all exhibitors a 10.00 gift card! A second show is planned for October.



On the weekend of the big eclipse, we headed to our biggest race of the season, the “Nitro Summer Nationals and Jet Car Finals” at Spokane County Raceway. The crowd was the biggest I have seen there in years as the facility was filled to capacity during the Saturday night portion of the show and Friday’s crowd wasn't too bad either. I love the fans in Spokane as there were lots of families that were in the stands who came by our pit area. One family in particular comes down and cheers for us anytime we are towing back from a run. An effort has to be made to do this since the return road is quite a ways from the grandstands and we appreciate their support greatly. Their young daughter also presented me with a drawing of our dragster which I now proudly display in the trailer!

As for the blown alcohol cars, this was a round-by-round elimination style event and there were 14 cars trying to get into an eight car field. As with the last couple of races the car sounds great when we start it in the pit area but on the track it’s not performing as well as it sounds, but it is improving with each run down the track. During the first round of qualifying, the car died after the burnout. We noticed that the timing was moving around which caused the problem because the cam was moving back and forth. We worked until 1 AM on Friday night and then much of Saturday to get the problem fixed.

On the last possible qualifying session we managed to get in the show as the 7th seed with a sub par 7.49. We were relieved to have made it in because we thought that we didn't qualify. But then we had to face the reining series Champion Dane Lachelt from Canada in the first round. I knew I had to have a good reaction time against Dane but I also knew it probably wouldn't be enough. As the lights came down I was 10,000th of a second too quick and red lit. I stayed in it to give the giant crowd a show but then shredded a blower belt at three quarter track and that was it. After I was done racing, I did some unplanned color commentary up in the announcer’s booth with OJ Stephens and surprisingly everyone said I did a great job.

It looks like we have 5th place sewn up for the season out of 22 cars that competed in the Blown Alcohol Thunder Series. We are out of fourth place by just two points so the dilemma is do we go all the way to Idaho Falls or do we settle for fifth on Labor day weekend? My choice would be to go to Idaho but it will all depend on if we wounded our engine on the last pass in Spokane when i shredded the belt.

Our next event is the “Post Eclipse” Cruise-in this coming Saturday at Burgerville in Albany.


The Capitol Auto Group Dragster went on the road for race number 6 in the Blown Alcohol Thunder Series, in Billings, Montana. This was our first ever venture to the east side of the Rocky Mountains. It was a 1,000 mile trip just to Billings but our truck didn't let us down the whole way thanks in part to Jeff Marsh at Canby Transmission who got us successfully on the road after a carrier bearing went out on the truck just prior to our trip.

After a disappointing test session at Woodburn Dragstrip the week before at the Night of Fire race, it was a little bit of a risk to venture out that far with a bad tune up and a questionable tow truck but the team has been slipping in the points standings since missing the Butte race and we were counted on to be there. Plus, we were all due for a vacation to escape the Oregon heat. If anything, the trailer signage alone gave our sponsors a lot of unique exposure on what seemed like an endless highway of beautiful scenery over the Continental Divide. Once we got close to the track in big sky country, a circle of sun beams surrounded by clouds reached the ground to greet us at the entrance of this beautiful facility. Perhaps it was God's way of saying welcome to Yellowstone Dragstrip?

On our test pass which didn't count, the car ran similar to how it was running at Woodburn the week prior - blubbery but we still managed to beat our opponent, Dave Newton who had problems with his transmission on the run. On the second pass, the car scrubbed off two seconds and ran a 7.70 but we still lost the round to Denton Schillreff who was the eventual runner up. The pass was an improvement for the mile high altitude but still not quick enough and put us in the middle of the 10 car field. On the second qualifying pass we beat our opponent, Al Baher of Spokane who had problems of his own. However, the blower belt shredded off at half track which slowed the car down on what otherwise would have put us the final round for sure.

Over all it was a great trip and we had no regrets.We enjoyed spending time with Larry and Rae DeMott and Dave Newton who graciously opened up their homes to us while we were on the road. We sold some t-shirts at the track and the fan turnout was good. The team left Billing still in fourth place in the Blown Alcohol Thunder Series and with a better tune up for our next race at the Nitro Summer Nationals in just two weeks at Spokane County Raceway.


Cap Racing Shakes Down Engine

The Capitol Auto Group Dragster participated at the Night of Fire race at Woodburn Dragstrip. This has become the biggest event of the year with thousands of fans and they even open a farmers field to accommodate all of the spectator’s cars. We debuted a new Chevy engine at this race and on Friday night it didn’t disappoint as I ran a 6.89 at 200 MPH on its first run! My reaction time was the best ever, a .0008 reaction time.

On Saturday, our spirits were high but the Friday night run gave us a false sense of security because on Saturday night the car fell on it’s face and I had to abort the run. As a result we decided to stay over Sunday and test the new engine. It was a brutal day. We made five runs but didn’t make a lot of progress. I think it might not be the engine at all but a torque converter since the car sounded great in the pits but would not respond to any of our tune up changes on the track. So we yarded out the transmission in 90 degree heat as a last resort at the end of the day.

A big thanks to Jeff Marsh from Canby Transmission and Superior Torque Converters for getting us a new torque converter and checking the transmission in time for our next race this weekend in Montana!

Capitol Racing Team to Participate in Racer’s Igniting Hope Project

The Capitol Auto Group Racing Team is particpating in the “Racer’s Igniting Hope” project. Racer’s Igniting Hope was started by Texas Top Alcohol Funny Car racer and rock music studio producer Nancy Matter. The Capitol Team will be donating all of their used NGK spark plugs to Racer’s Igniting Hope which will recycle the used spark plugs into color coded keychains to raise money for DIPG (an incurable Childrens Cancer) and select vetted military foundations. “We can help these families rather than fill a landfill” Matter said of the program.

These spark plugs must be delivered in 1,000 unit lots to a machine shop to be drilled for cost effectiveness. The first 1,000 of hopefully 10’s of 1000’s more will go to the machine shop by end of next week according to Matter. The Capitol team will ship its first box of plugs to Matter on Friday. “I always kept our used plugs in case we ever needed to re-use them so we have accumulated quite a collection. But we are in great shape with NGK so now we have a box full to gladly donate to this important cause” said Rich Bailey, race team owner.

The keychains also will also include a picture of the race car the spark plug came from. In addition, the Capitol team will run “Racer’s Igniting Hope” decals once they are finished. Any racer wanting to donate used spark plugs can send them to Nancy Matter at 660 Franklin St. Lewisville TX 75057.

New Engine Ready for Night of Fire

After hurting our Rodeck engine in Yakima, The Capitol Auto Group Dragster has a new engine on loan until we can get the Rodeck engine back together. The new engine, owned by team member Troy Hanneman looks quite a bit different and has raised some eye brows with it's massive carbon fiber hat. The pistons for the Rodeck are on order and have already been shipped. We are still waiting on rods because we want to make sure we have enough funding to get through the end of the season before ordering them. Rods usually take only a couple of weeks to get.

The new engine combo will make its first appearance at the Night of Fire drag races at Woodburn Dragstrip July 30-31 before heading on to Billings Montana for a Drag Blown Alcohol Thunder race. We had the opportunity to have the car at the Bite and Brew at Salem's Riverfront Park but some ongoing delays in getting the car finished and limited access into the park made it impossible to get it in the park so we plan to have it there next summer.


Dragster Wows the Crowd at Western Days Parade and Fireworks Show

The Capitol Auto Group Dragster gave the sponsors the exposure they expect at the Western Days Parade and the fireworks event area that followed on July 4th. Thousands lined the streets for the seven mile parade. There was enough people watching the parade to easily fill Reser Stadium. Right after the parade the dragster was on display at the festival grounds where thousands gathered to see the best fireworks in the valley. There were very few times where people were not looking at the dragster from 1PM until 10 PM when the fireworks began. It was a big day! Thanks to Brent Sanford, Richard Lytle, Diana Gunzman and Susan Bailey for all of their help.

It's a good thing we are committed to drag racing because after a weekend like this, anyone with any sanity would quit. But that's not the case here. We are professionals and Brent, Troy and I can handle just about anything the goblins throw at us. It's really too bad that the reality show fell through because our second race in Yakima would have been a very entertaining episode.

Our crazy weekend began after we had changed out the bearings and I went to the auto parts store. As I was leaving I backed into a telephone pole. The pole looked okay so I never got out to look at the truck. When I finally got out at my next stop at Fastnal, I was surprised to see the bumper was bent up pretty good. Oh well I thought, more fauder for facebook and the website. That night we did have something to smile about as we had the second best run of the night against Brent Jones as we ran a 4.39, our best run ever on the eighthmile at Yakima. Brent ran even quicker on the run and beat me for the no. 1 position.

On Saturday when we returned to the track, the awning was mangled up from wind gusts that came in after midnight and even lifted two 5 gallon buckets that secured the awning. At least the car and the trailer were not scratched. The good news was that I bought a second awning on Friday but we never put it up so at least we had a replacement. On the way to the track we noticed something wrong with the ride and it turned out we have a truck tire beginning to separate so I made my usual trip to Les Schwab in Wapato. Fortunately, they had a used tire that fit so I had them install it.

Meanwhile back at the track, Brent noticed a fuel leak. So where do you get 1 1/4 inch fuel line on a Saturday in Yakima or any place else? To make a long story short we were referred to one store after another. Finally the last place we looked even said on their readerboard that they have hydraulic oil lines and fortunately they had 18 feet of it in the back that they didn't think they had! And all we needed was 14 feet so we got lucky on that one! By this time it was about 4PM so we had to high tail it back to Les Schwab to get the truck. I stopped at a close by store to get some barnyard buzzard on the way to the track but they were out. No dinner tonight until after the race.

Before the first round at 7 PM, Troy and I hooked a tow rope from my truck to his truck and pulled out the bumper perfectly. You could almost never tell unless you were looking for it. Now it was time for racing after a parade for the fans. We raced against the "Hell Raiser" altered of Wes Garvin and got the win with a 4.40 which got us in the middle of the pack.

After between round maintainance we were ready for round two. This one was do or die in order to get into the final round and we went aggressive on the tune up and gave it more air using this pulley I call "the Parts Breaker". This time we raced against my friend Don Harder in the "Hart Breaker" funny car. At the launch I had a .022 light and the car launched like a rocket with the wheels up in the air to about mid track! At the finish line I rang up the best run of the night so far with a smoking 4.26! We earned a trip to the final round but unknowingly, I damaged the engine on the pass and we lost seven pistons all in four seconds. It was dissapointed for sure since we didn't know about the damage until we got back to the pit.

We already have engine at Keith's but in the mean time, we will put Troy's engine in the car and plan to be back to racing in time for the Night of Fire race in Woodburn. After all that I'm happy to announce that the truck and trailer got back to Salem with out any problems. And most of the problems we had worked themselves out including the bent bumper!

Here are the Blown Alcohol Thunder points totals after the Lost Creek Raceway event, July 10, 2017 near Butte, Montana.

1. Brent Jones 214
2. Kelly Flansaas 160
3. Alvan Behar 115
4. Rich Bailey 110
5. Dane Lachelt 105
6. Frank Miller 90
7. Kyle Hanson 76
8. Larry DeMott 60
Wes Garvin 60 (tied)
Jim Seivers 60 (tied)
Don Harder 60 (tied)
David Spease 60 (tied)
9. Dave Newton 50 (tied)
10. Jim Atwell 30 (tied)
Pete Korona 30 (tied)
Shane Harder 30 (tied)
Mike Weise 30 (tied)

Check Out Blown Alcohol Thunder Here

Wow! What a great weekend for the Capitol team! We went to the final round in front of a full house in Boise, Idaho! It was a great trip that started with a caravan behind Derek Snelson's jet car, driving most of the night in rainy conditions until we all had enough and stopped at the Eldorado Motel along side I-84 in Baker City. The next morning the weather improved and we got into Boise at about noon, just in time to do a car display at a Little Caesar's Pizza shop in the middle of town.

One thing I noticed was how nice and down to earth the people are in Boise. I was surprised how many people stopped by to see the race car and how friendly they were. A lot of attractive people live in the area and there is a housing boom and big retail developments are going up every where. Boise's progress puts Oregon and it's strict anti-growth land use laws to shame. And it's a clean city too. I never saw anyone on street corners with cardboard signs.

After getting to Firebird Raceway late in the afternoon we got the car out and then Brent and I went out to dinner with Derek Snelson. We met up with Ed "the Outlaw" Jones, Wendy Jones, Richard Smith and their support crews at Buffalo Wild Wings. Ed, Derek and Richard are all good friends of mine so the dinner alone was a highlight of our trip.

Saturday was race day and all of the Blown Alcohol Thunder cars were pitted together in Firebird Raceway's pro pits. Firebird has an impeccable reputation and I can see why. It is well kept and the employees are all so friendly. There's not a rude person to be found and the fans are the same way. It's drag racing's version of Disneyland. I sold a ton of shirts and ran out of Adam's Rib BBQ sauce along with handout cards. The people that work at and own the track are all very friendly. I saw it everywhere I went at the facility.

At 3 PM we were supposed to have had a test run but a bracket car oiled down the entire track so we headed straight into the first round at 6:30 instead. It turned out I needed that test pass because I got shut off at the line costing me 10 points and $200.00. There was a slight oil leak but at least we were able fix it as a bad helical caused a loose pan bolt. We also have had a problem with fuel milking the oil and the oil pressure went down to 45 pounds when we tested the car on the stand prior to the second round. We drained and then added new Royal Purple oil.

In round two, I came loaded for bear. The oil preasure was still a little low but I decided to go for it and I'm glad sure glad I did. I got the best reaction time of the race from Good Vibrations Motorsports which was good for a $100 dollar bonus. My reaction time was a .022 in a hole shot win over the Rocky Mountain Thunder funny car. But the big news is that I had an ET of 6.89 at 201 MPH which qualified me to go to the final round.

In the finals, we faced Brent Jones. It was a good race till I got squarely and was faced with a split second choice: lift or risk losing the car. He had the momentum and was passing me so I chose to lift since I would not have been able to pass him at the finish line. At the time, I deeply regretted that decision but the next morning I realized it was the right move. I don’t lift very often.

On Sunday we headed for home via Yakima where the car is now in place for our next race in two weeks. Just after we left the track we found out that Derek blew out a tire and totaled his truck. Derek and Ray along with the trailer and the jet car are all okay. They had the blow out at the best possible place since most of that route has embankments including Cabbage Hill which they just drove down. Had it happened there it would have been curtains.

On a sad note: Our Blown Alcohol Thunder Racing Series was in consideration to be the subject of a national reality TV show. We learned in Boise that the television execs wanted a different type of program that the producers were are unable to deliver with our group.


Photos by Annette Barton (other than the lamas)

What a great weekend in Spokane. We went from zero to being the third quickest car in just a couple of hours on Saturday. We started the weekend being escorted out of Yakima by a couple of lamas. We arrived at Spokane County Raceway with plenty of time to spare before the Friday night qualifying session at dusk. It got cold quick. When it was my turn to make a run alongside Dane Lachelt, the track was like racing on glass. It was a white knuckle ride especially at the top end. The results were a disappointing mid 7 second run which I conveniently blamed the track for it since I was all over the place on that run.

That night it was a cold one and I could barely sleep in the trailer. I woke up really early and turned the heat on in the truck! Later that morning we changed the bearings before we had another qualifying session at noon. This time the car ran even slower! The track was better so I knew it wasn't the race surface but the car! We were down to one more qualifying session so Brent and Troy came up with a new tune up and it worked! The car jumped into the third qualifying slot with a sizzling 6.89 at 201 MPH, our best run in Spokane ever! We improved by a whole second thanks to my team! Since I get most of the fun I let them play with the tune up and it's obvious they know what they are doing.

In round one, we faced Alvan Baher in the "Reaper" Altered who made his best pass of the weekend but I still managed to get around him with a 6.91. In the semis, I raced my close friend and on-track menace Brent Jones. I got the starting line advantage and it was nearly a side-by-side race all the way down the track. At the finish line Brent beat me by less than a car length. I rang up another 6.89 to his quicker 6.70 and the crowd loved it! On every run I was stuck in the right lane and I really had to do some driving to get the car down the track especially from the eighth mile mark to the finish line.

Overall, it was a great race and we even had a very nice family with their young daughter wearing one of our shirts rooting for us every time we would come back to the pits after a run. Those are the moments that we love and will always remember. I also got to meet a hero of mine, the legendary and famous promoter Bill Doner. We had a great conversation. On Sunday, we packed it up and headed home. I ran over my suit case full of clothes before we left but other than that everything went well.

- Rich Bailey


What a week it's been, a week of hard work and hard knocks which are quite common in drag racing and we always seem to get them at the start of the season before everything smooths out. It all started last week in Woodburn when we heard a clicking sound when the engine was turned over by hand just prior to our second run. To make a long story short the process of elimination pointed to a bad gear drive. I even drove up to Portland to buy a new one during the race but to no avail so after the race we took the car to Brent's house where we tore it down.

John McCurdy getting ready to degree the cam while the heads were off.

After doing some haggling online that included four bottles of Adam's Rib BBQ sauce, I was able to pick up a new Pete Jackson gear drive from Brad Becker. They don't make Pete Jackson's any more so it was a good find. On Thursday night Keith and John McCurdy came down to help with the install and to degree the cam. We all thought it would be a two hour slam dunk but even after the install of the new gear drive the noise persisted.

So, we pulled the heads thinking maybe that's where the noise was coming from. Sure enough there was a slight clearance problem with the bigger pistons on the corner of each cylinder so Keith did some grinding and then the heads were back on the engine but the binding click continued. At midnight, it pretty much looked like our Yakima plans were dead in the water. The next morning, Brent Jones who was in route to the race recommended installing the whole valve train and not just one set of rockers to test it like we had been doing. We reinstalled the entire valve train and presto we were back in business. Evidently, the valve train preassure needed to be evenly distributed. So it was the gear drive all along.

The dragster minus the back panels ready to be stuffed in the trailer.

By the time Brent and I put the car back together and stuffed it in the trailer it was 3PM. Concequently, we reached Portland during the rush hour and hit the Friday night traffic resulting in a delay of an extra hour as traffic crawled to a snail's pace on I-205. Once we hit I-84 the traffic lightened up. Other than that, there were no problems on the way over to Yakima other than driving through a bug storm.

We managed to get into Renegade Raceway before dark but we still had some work to do to the car so we couldn't make a run until race day. There was a good crowd on Friday and I managed to sell some shirts and sauce in spite of not making a run. On the way to the hotel there was a malfunction at the railroad crossing and the gates were down for no reason. There wasn't a train in site so Brent went out and held the gate up. As he did people on the other side of the tracks who had been patiently waiting bolted over the tracks before I could even cross. Who knows how long they had been wating?

The trailer needed new tires so I slipped into a local Les Schwab on Saturday.

On Saturday, we went to the track believing the car was going to run flawlessly. After all that hard work we deserved it right? I had noticed the trailer tires were darn near bald so I took the trailer from the pit and headed to a local Les Schwab since those tires were a blowout waiting to happen. Six Hundred dollars later and I was back to the track with the best trailer tires money can buy. I was hoping that more shirt sales would put a dent in the tire bill but sales on Saturday went flat! After I got back we warmed the car up and it sounded great!

After a two hour delay I was getting a bit antsy but finally we were called to the lanes. I was matched up with Kelly Flansaas in the Rocky Mountain Thunder funny car, whom I had a score to settle from last season. They are a great group of guys and an old high school friend Jeff Johnson works on the team but was sidelined for a year after having a stroke. I was happy to see him back.

At the hit, the car launched hard but then at about 200 feet the car lost power. I thought I may have pitched a belt but it was worse than that, the bottom pulley got loose causing the belt not to spin. When we returned to the pit, we thought we had broke a crank but fortunately the problem was fixable so the three of us; Brent, Troy and myself tore down the front of the engine and had to retap every hole. Time also was spent finding a tap and 6 new grade 8 bolts but fortunately we found them. We had everything reassembled just in time for the second round with not a second to spare. That night I have never been more proud of my team! It was a thrash like you would not believe.

We were in the back of the pack and had nobody to race due to the odd number of cars but we were hoping for a shot at the "B" final since I didn't think I could out run the top two cars that were down in the 4.20's. As we fired the car something didn't sound right and Derek Snelson wisely shut me down. When we got back to the pit we found that a couple of rockers had gotten loose. We never had the chance to check anything prior to heading for the starting line since literally every second was spent fixing the pulley.

Brent and I ended up at Shari's around 1 AM eating gravelberry pie while our good friends, the Canadians, pitted next to us had Troy up until 6 AM back at the track. I think Troy aged 10 years overnight! It as a good thing Brent and I went to Shari's instead.

The next morning Brent and I returned to the track and together with Troy we fired up the car. If the engine started right up and sounded good after fixing the valvetrain then we would go ahead with our plans to move on to Spokane in two weeks. Otherwise, it would be take the car home and start digging again. Not only did the car fire up, but the "Coach" one of our Canadian friends nextdoor helped us set the barrel valve and it sounds better than it has since originally installing the engine.

This past weekend gives us a lot too look forward to. Hopefully the rest of the season will go much better. Even with all the problems we had, we are much farther along then had we stayed home. I got some points and nearly broke even on the trip. We broght Brent's daughter and grand daughter along and still had a lot of fun the entire weekend.

-Rich Bailey

Former Champ Nyles Klampe Passes

Nyles Klampe has sadly passed away from cancer. Nyles was a former NHRA Division 6 Champ in Competition Eliminator. Later he teamed up with Gary Lewis and raced a nitro funny car for a couple of seasons in the early 1980's. Nyles was a long time friend who got me into the sport. I can’t emphasize the impact that Nyles had on my life. He was a unique person, a winner in life and a true champion. In a twist of fate his nephew Rick Klampe served as the Crew Chief of the Capitol Auto Group Dragster for five years. Nyles will be missed by all who new him. Nyles' obit here

-Rich Bailey


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