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Crew: Josh McGuire

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The Colossal Story!

Bailey's Blog
Medford Opener Reminds Me of Embarrassing Match Race Against Brent Jones Eight Years Ago

It's a race against time. Where have you heard that before? Well, in spite of our best efforts getting the car ready for the first race of the season, it's coming down to the wire again! We're not crying uncle yet, but were chomping at the bit to get the car finished. The engine is done, the transmission is done, but we're just waiting on one more key ingredient the chassis. I have faith we'll have everything ready to go in the nick of time. We're in good hands but I wish we had a couple of extra weeks before the first points race. I always seem to wish that. One thing for sure, we're experienced in getting out of these tight situations.

The line up is looking good with Brent Jones and Ralph Azbill coming all the way from Missoula, Montana with their Lawless Funny Car. I really like these guys a lot and I wish everyone was as committed to this series as they are and I know there won't be a free ride to the top three with them entering every event. Being ready in time for the first Blown Alcohol Thunder event on May 2nd at Champion is important on many fronts but Brent and I have some history in Medford that I have never really talked about until now. I need some redemption after the story you are about to hear.

About eight years ago we were struggling all season and we finally got the car flying in the sixes at Spokane in August but we were running out of races for the rest of the year. Well, Medford had a jet car race coming up the following weekend and in the past I helped then promoter Jim Taylor a little bit by supplementing his shows with some exhibition runs. This time I needed someone to race against and nobody locally was available to racing me in Medford. The guy I raced the year before who had the old War Eagle car quit so I had to find somebody else or not go.

In Spokane, I was running within a tenth or so of Brent Jones. So, not knowing Brent prior to the Spokane event, I promised him I would pay him $700.00 out of my own pocket to tow from Missoula to Medford and match race me. The rendering business was great back then and I had the extra budget to pull off such a stunt. This was the kind of monkey business that only John Force would have done back in the day. I did this to stir up some publicity and hopefully end the season with two races to go on a high note. Brent agreed to race me for $700.00 so Jim Taylor booked us both in. Jim would also throw in some cash for both of us if the gate was good so it would be a pretty good deal for Brent.

Around that time, we had someone in the metro area rebuilding our transmission as strongly recommended by our crew chief Jeff Lauener who sadly passed away a couple years later. The transmission guy got us where we needed to be with stronger parts but the problem was there was a defect in one of the internal transmission parts that obviously nobody knew about and our transmission was lasting only a couple of races before it would have to be rebuilt again. And you never knew when it was going to malfunction.

So, the big day arrived and it was a disaster! On every one of our three runs match racing Brent's Lawless funny car, my dragster would not hold at the line and would barely get down the track in second gear only. It was like the transbrake button wouldn't work and there was no first gear to boot! After every round the crew thought it was me, but I'd driven the car well the week before so why would I start screwing up then? I paid Brent at the end of the night as I agreed to do but I was very embarrassed to pay him after our pathetic performance. I knew Jim was disappointed too and I wasn't about to ask him for a dime so we just packed up and left the track ASAP after fulfilling my financial obligation to Brent.

The next morning Jeff and I met at the complimentary breakfast buffet inside the Medford Ramada Inn and I told him that our transmission builder was making us look like total fools out there and we couldn't keep racing like that no matter how much Jeff liked his transmission guy. I insisted that we go back to Don Kalina who always did a good job building my transmissions.

Jeff reluctantly agreed to change transmission builders but said there was one more guy he wanted to talk to who was a customer on his Mac Tools route and also raced drag bikes. The guy's name was Jeff Marsh who owned Canby Transmission. I was not aware of Jeff Marsh at the time but later in the week, Jeff Lauener called and said Jeff Marsh would not only fix our transmission but he would sponsor us too! That was all I needed to know and Canby Transmission has been with us ever since. Jeff found the defect and our problems were solved immediately.

The car ran better at the final race of that year, the Fall Classic. But most importantly, I was exonerated from being the one that caused that expensive and awful display on a hot August night in Medford racing against Brent Jones.


Finally, a Solution to Snoring That Works For Me!

I snore and I snore nearly as loud as my Capitol Auto Group Dragster on a good burnout! While that's a bit of an exaggeration, my snoring can be loud enough that nobody want's to sleep in the same room with me. Finally, after much convincing I did a sleep study and at the end I was handed a CPAP machine and was told if I didn't use it I would die. Research has backed that up. How could something we have taken so lightly for years be a major threat to our health?

The bad news for me was that I tried using the CPAP dozens of times but I could never keep the mask on all night and it was hard to sleep with air blowing up my nose. Finally, I gave up on the CPAP and later found out the dentist could fit me with this thing that looked like a giant pacifier. No thank you. After getting more noise complaints from my wife I was about to turn to the "giant pacifier" which costs over $500.00 when you throw in the dentist visit for the custom fitting.

But then I was told about this little device called Snore MD that you put over your teeth. The device looks like a combination between those dracula teeth you used to get on Halloween when you were a kid but without the fangs and the grill on John Force's new Camaro. After you custom fit them yourself, you put them on and fall a sleep. Snore MD is FDA approved and simply keeps your mouth open slightly at an angle so you can't snore.

The good news is that Snore MD is just $119.00 and there was no additional dentist bill or a doctor prescription required. In fact, you get them directly from the manufacturer in California. And there is no risk, if it doesn't work for you can return it for a refund. It takes a few nights to get used to it but once you do you won't want to sleep without it.

It's been over a week since that bad boy came in the mailbox and I have not snored since! I highly recommend Snore MD to anyone that snores and can not or does not want to use a CPAP machine. These are great for people that want to stop snoring but doesn't have insurance to cover a sleep study or funds for an extra dentist visit. Save money and restore peace and quiet for those around you: ORDER YOUR Snore MD HERE

-Rich Bailey



At Press Time!
Late Breaking News

Project Update:

The engine is done! John McCurdy made a piece that adapts the mag drive to the correct hight which is a big help. Gary Eichmann has started constructing the new body. We also have new crew shirts which are being embroidered by Image Actionwear.

Albany Burgerville to Host
Benefit Car Show May 22

The event will be Friday night, May 22 and kicks off Memorial Day Weekend. The event starts at 3 PM and goes until dark.

The Capitol Deal
of the Week!

Blue with silver stripes and
Foose wheels! Just 46.000 miles
Smoking Hot Deal at only $18,000


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Promotion Welcomes Back Walery's Pizza and John and Sharon Palmer!

Promotion Motorsports welcomes back Walery's Premium Pizza to the Capitol Auto Group Dragster. We are very excited to have Dave and Marsha Walery back who are the owners of Walery's for another year. The Walerys are big supporters of both national and regional drag racing. We are also pleased to have John and Sharon Palmer support our team. The Palmers are sponsoring our fuel this season and we appreciate their involvement.

Walery's Premium Pizza is the hottest pizza parlor in town on any Friday or Saturday night and even during the rest of the week. In a world filled with marginal pizza chains and take out joints, Walery's restores that old fashioned pizza parlor atmosphere at very competitive prices! No wonder they attract families for gatherings, parties or just a simple night out.

Besides their excellent pizza, Walery's also has great burgers where you can pile on your own toppings at the condiment bar to make them taste extra special! During the lunch hour they also have an all you can eat pizza and salad buffet.

Walery's is located in the Safeway shopping center in West Salem. From downtown Salem, take the bridge and drive one mile and get off at the Rosemont exit. Or go to their website at http://www.waleryspizza.com for further information

Listen to Rich Bailey in the Tupper's "Third Chair" on KYKN's Gator's Radio Experience

Rich Bailey was on Gator's Radio Experence, April 3rd with Gator Gainer, Denise Quinn Nanke and Curits the Intrern. You can hear the Bailey interview anytime by going here. Click on the April 3 second hour podcast.

Bailey's Blog

Exciting Off-Season Developments! And Now Another Race to the Start of the New Season!

Wow! What an exciting off season it has been for the Capitol team! First, we went into the new year promoting the Winter Rod and Speed Show just a day after New Years without a minute to think about anything else! Then days after the show everything changed for the better! And everything was already looking good to begin with!

Already content with how the dragster was going to look like for the season, I got an email from our friend and rock musician Pat Gesualdo who offered to help out the race team with a new body and paint job. Pat wanted his organization Drums and Disabilities larger on the car and I told him there was simply no room unless we went with a new paint scheme and that wouldn't happen because I didn't want to paint over the Rocketeer and I had no extra budget for a new body. Pat agreed to help fund the project making the new design possible. And so the stage was set to order a new body from Gary Eickmann and then have the new body painted by Jeff Lewis.

The new paint scheme which I had already designed last fall also cleared the way to include enough room to pick up one more marketing partner. And, by mid-February Burgerville came on board! After talking to the person that has taken the lead on this project, Ashley Rae, I can tell you that the excitement is not limited to just the Albany and Monmouth Burgerville stores but even their upper management is excited to see how this new program plays out.

I was also informed that several people within Burgerville admire our title sponsor Capitol Auto Group, so I think this will be a very well balanced program. Both companies have a lot in common. They are each sensitive about the environment in a productive way and both give back a lot to the community including the United Way. Best of all, both companies are made up of great people that I really like working with.

As for Burgerville, they are not your typical multi unit restaurant chain. All of their food is of high quality and natural. The food they use is locally produced, free of hormones and the stock is raised on farms that employ good humane practices. They also utilize alternative power and their cooking oil is sold for bio-diesel.

Having two very respectable Northwest companies on the side of our race car is what dreams are made of for any racer. But now comes the hard part and that's earning another year of sponsorship for next season from not just Capitol and Burgerville but all of our sponsors.

Right now, as we enter the month of April it's another race against time. We found out that the BME rods that we were going to use are a hair too long, so I had to buy a new set and decided to stick with GRP which we used last year and it takes a couple of weeks to have them made. And then the engine has to be put back together, and brought back over to the valley from Bend where our crew chief Rick Klampe is assembling it. Then we have other issues that need to be addressed that includes re-stripping the blower and getting our transmission back from Jeff Marsh. Ryan Valentine from MV Detail is polishing the blower so it will look sharp.

Hopefully by the time all of this work is completed, we won't run out of weekends before the first race on May 2nd in Medford. We've been in this situation plenty of times before so I'm sure we'll come up with a plan to get it all done even if we end up putting the finishing touches to the motor in the staging lanes in Medford.

-Rich Bailey

Serving local communities important to Burgerville
ProMotion Welcomes Bugerville

March 12, 2015 (SALEM, Ore.) --- ProMotion Motorsports welcomes the Monmouth and Albany Burgervilles as our new marketing partners. The two Willamette Valley Burgerville restaurants join the team as an associate sponsor and complement Capitol Auto Group’s title sponsorship.

After several years of Burgerville supporting the Winter Rod and Speed Show promoted by Rich Bailey and Jim Billing and its non-profit beneficiary Children’s Cancer Association, former Albany Burgerville general manager Donald Holt and current general manager Ashley Rae began to take notice of the race team and the commitment to community charities like the food bank, and wanted to know how to get more involved. After a meeting with Rae and Monmouth Burgerville general manager Alex Page, the two restaurants made a joint decision to get involved with the race team this season.

“On behalf of our guests and our crews, Burgerville is committed to serving our local communities and supporting the race team is one way to show that commitment,” said Rae. “I am excited for what the future holds with this new partnership and the good we can do to jointly support local charities like the food bank, the D.AD. Program and the Children’s Cancer Association. Please join me in welcoming Rich and ProMotion Motorsports to our Burgerville family.”

As part of this program, the race team will create displays at both the Albany and Monmouth Burgerville restaurants, distribute Burgerville discount coupons at the track and other events, and do some cross promotions with KYKN 1430 radio in addition to some other amenities that often revolve around a sponsorship. Most importantly, the two organizations will join forces to bring awareness to charities including the Drums and Disabilities Program which also has a presence on the car.

“This is a dream come true for me since Burgerville is known as the premier local hamburger restaurant in the Pacific Northwest. I have been a Burgerville fan since high school, and we are thrilled to be associated with what must indeed be one of the most favored brands by Oregonians,” commented Bailey.

Burgerville’s menus highlight burgers and sandwiches made with fresh, vegetarian-fed and antibiotic-free local beef, vegetarian patties, and sustainability caught Alaskan halibut fish and chips. Well known for seasonal offerings created largely from food grown and produced in the Pacific Northwest, more than 70% of Burgerville’s food dollars are estimated to be spent locally sourcing ingredients from 988 farms, ranches and artisans inside a 400-mile food shed with many located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

About ProMotion Motorsports
ProMotion Motorsports Services LLC promotes professional drag racing, benefit car shows and advertising using it's flagship Capitol Ayuto Group "Rocketeer" blown alcohol dragster as it's messenger. ProMotion Motorsports success is a result of "friendly face to face marketing" to promote its advertisers. ProMotion also offers public relations, websites and marketing materials for other motorsports teams.

About Burgerville
Established in 1961, Burgerville is an innovative and industry-leading restaurant company with 40 locations throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. 1,300 employees strong, Burgerville provides guests fresh, great-tasting food all-day every day from breakfast to late-night snacks based in its mission “serve with love.” At Burgerville, the commitment to fresh, local and sustainable values is about helping people and communities thrive. For more information, please visit burgerville.com.


Capitol Auto Group Named Top Business to Work for

Congratulations to Capitol Auto Group as they are ranked number one of the Best 100 Large Oregon Companies to Work For. This is the second year in a row that Capitol Auto Group has been awarded this high honor. In addition, Capitol was the most awarded car company in 2014. It's a great honor for our race team to represent this company of professional excellence for over 15 years!

ProMotion Motorsport's Annual Green Statement

ProMotion Motorsports burns alternative racing grade methanol fuel in its dragster and bio diesel in the truck when ever it is accessible. ProMotion Motorsports also uses synthetic motor oil and always recycles it. ProMotion Motorsports recycles and reuses engine parts when ever possible and deemed safe to do so.

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