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Capitol Racing Schedule

As always events to be added as we progress into the Spring and summer

January 3
Winter Rod and Speed Show
Linn County Fair and Expo

May 2
Champion Raceway
Blown Alcohol Thunder *

May 23
Cornorstone Associates

June 26 - 27
Nitro Nights
Renegade Raceway

July 4
Western Days
Independence OR

July 10-11-12
IHRA Nitro Jam
Spokane County Raceway

July 17-18
Rocky Mountain Championships
Lost Creek Raceway
Butte Montana

August 1
Blown Alcohol Thunder
Renegade Raceway

August 7-9
Guitars Under the Stars
Lebanon, OR

August 14-15
Nitro Night of Fire
Spokane County Raceway

* Blown Alcohol Thunder Series

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Walla Walla Race Track Moves Over to IHRA

Spokane is no longer the lone IHRA track in the Northwest as Walla Walla Dragstrip is now the second track to move to IHRA. In the off season, there were some issues with the port where the track is located. IHRA intervened on the behalf of the track which was facing closing permanently. Now with those issues resolved by IHRA the track is now back in operation and under IHRA sanctioning.

NHRA to Suspend Licences of "Racers" Participating in TV Show

The NHRA is threatening to pull competition licences of NHRA members who participate in the filming of Discovery Channel's Street Outlaw show. While many racers and fans are complaining about the move, Capitol Auto Group Racing applauds the decision and think it's about time and here's why: Even if the show is staged, it gives the perception that the subjects on the show are racing on the street even in oncoming traffic.

Kids view the show and then repeat what they are seeing on TV. And in some cases, it reinforces to some that it's okay to race on the street. In real life a crash sometimes occurs where an innocent family, parent or a child is killed being at the wrong place at the wrong time while an illegal race is being conducted. What happens then is the street racer is called a "drag racer" in the press. Our sport then gets tarnished and sponsors leave. Plus, Street Outlaws makes us all look like a bunch of red necks and hicks with no regard for safety or human life.

Don't believe it? Establish a Google News subscription with the key words "Drag Racing" and then read about all the "drag racers" nationwide who have never set foot onto a dragstrip but have killed someone behind the wheel street racing. This is no different then doing a show about alcoholics and their drive home from the bar each night with the same results. We applaud NHRA for this action and their long time fight against illegal street racing.

This LA Times story where two people were killed at a street race is why we are against street racing!
View the LA Times story here



Capitol Deal of the Week: 2014 Chevy Cruze LTZ

This sweet 2014 Chevy Cruze has the LTZ package meaning it's loaded with everything including nice wheels and leather seats. Low miles too at 35,522.
This beautiful Cystal Red Tintcoat Chevy is Priced to sell at $17,000


Engine: 1.4L I-4 cyl
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior Color: Crystal Red Tintcoat
Interior Color: Jet Black
VIN: 1G1PG5SB0E7113900
Model Code: 1PW69
Stock #: Z6182A

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Take it for a virtual spin here


NHRA Official Steve Denbo has Passed

Sad news out of Vancouver. Former NHRA official and tech man Steve Denbo has passed away after a long and valiant battle with cancer. Steve was a caring yet light hearted tech official who could get along with anyone. He always looked out for the racers while enforcing the rules fairly. He was the guy you wanted teching your car not because you wanted to skate through the tech line but you knew that if there was a problem, Steve would find a solution to get you through the weekend. He teched the Capitol car many times over the years and was friends with the team.


New Entertaining Afternoon Programming Found on 1430 KYKN

For those that like local talk radio, Gator Gaynor who recently entered the Salem market has filled the need with a new local live show, weekday afternoons from 4-6 called "Gator's Radio Experience". As the name implies it's lively and a little unusual for local Salem radio but so far Gator reports that the show is doing quite well.

Along with Gator's sidekicks, the show focuses on both local and national news subjects along with a mix of local guests who occupy the "third chair". The show invites callers and lightens the mood with trivia contests.

Prior to Gator's Radio Experience is none other than the Dennis Miller Show which comes on at 3 PM. Dennis has a good blend of jokes, politics and celebrity guests if that's even possible in today's Hollywood.

The morning hours is also live radio with local host Kevin Mac, who is new to the Salem station. National programming starts with Bill Bennett from 3AM to 6AM, Glen Beck from 6AM to 9AM, Rush Limbaugh from 9AM-12PM and the Mike Gallagher show which leads up to Dennis Miller from 12PM-3PM.

KYKN can be heard live on 1430 AM anywhere in the Willamette Valley (and occasionally as far away as Weed, California late at night when the signal skips) or stream it here from anywhere in the world


2015 Blown Alcohol Thunder Series
Pre-Entry Forms Now Available to Print Out and Mail In

For entry forms click here:



Dragster Torn Down as Extensive Pre-Season Work Begins!

Now that the Winter Rod and Speed Show is over it's tear down time and last Saturday was the day! On Superbowl Sunday the engine went to Bend where Rick Klampe is going through it and will be replacing the rods to a longer set to increase compression so we can hopefully say goodbye to those low seven second runs and hello to six seconds again. Then the transmission will be heading to Jeff Marsh at Canby transmission to be freshened up.

The biggest change will be a new body which for the car will be constructed by Gary Eickmann soon. Please see the story directly below. We'll keep every one posted as progress is being made. Thanks to the "Professor" Mark Asburry for all of the help on Saturday.

Capitol Race Team to Have New Look in 2015 with Help From D.A.D. and Pat Gesualdo's Progressive Rock Group Iceland

Rich Bailey’s Capitol Auto Group Blown Alcohol Dragster will sport a new look in 2015 as he celebrates a milestone 15 years with Capitol. The car’s new look is being made possible by the non-profit organization D.A.D. (Drums and Disabilities), which pioneered the Healing Art of Drum Therapy. D.A.D. programs and advocacy outreach initiatives help children, adults, and wounded veterans with special needs. The D.A.D. Program is currently in schools, health facilities, and community centers in over 15 countries.

Celebrated drum virtuoso/D.A.D Founder Pat Gesualdo, also has a new progressive rock band called Iceland, which is helping to promote Bailey, and the entire Capitol Racing Team as well. “My crew chief Rick Klampe and I are big rock-n-roll fans and we’re always cranking up the tunes and discussing rock-n-roll while we're traveling down the Interstate so naturally we’re both excited to have Pat and his D.A.D. program as part of our race team family. I have been learning a lot about D.A.D. and it’s is a worth while cause to get behind” Bailey said.

Iceland includes Iconic metal guitarist Michael Romeo of Symphony X, “Metal Mike” Chlasciak from Rob Halford’s (of Judas Priest) solo group and industry session vocalist Chandler Mogel. Iceland debuted on the CMJ radio charts in the 9th position and has a sound comparable to such bands as Styx and Rush.

Iceland’s new album is available on and you can hear cuts on the band’s website Sales of the new Iceland CD go directly to the D.A.D. program, to bring free therapy programs to special needs children and adults.

The new body will be built by Gary Eickmann and painted by Jeff Lewis. The vinyl lettering will be applied by Mark Adams of Supervinyl Signs. In addition to the bold new Capitol look, Bailey will keep the historic Rocketeer body panels and will have them on the car at selected events. Most of the time the new body panels will be on the car but sometimes the dragster will make a surprise appearance as the Capitol Rocketeer car.


King Engine Bearings Returns as Bearing Sponsor

King Engine Bearings has returned as our main and connecting rod bearing sponsor. King has been with us for nearly a decade and have provided Capitol Racing with the best possible products. So far we have not spun a bearing since turning to King for all of our bearing needs.

King's product holds up well in extreem conditions where the connecting rods meet the crank shaft spinning at up to 9,000 RPM. This year King has a sharp looking new logo that will be placed on the dragster and trailer. Thanks to King for your support and excellent line of quality bearings.

Rick's Print Surprises Team with Rocketeer Design

We were surprised by this poster designed by Rick Bergeron of Rick’s Prints in Sweet Home, Oregon. It turned up at the Winter Rod and Speed Show and is so sharp and cool looking that Mark Adams of Supervinyl is going to make this bad boy into a big sticker and put it on the side of our new trailer.

You can get these done of your car by going to You can also find Rick at car shows shooting cars and coming up with creative backgrounds. Thanks Rick for doing such a great job on making the Rocketeer look so good. The design is killer.


Another Spectacular Winter Rod and Speed Show!

The Winter Rod and Speed Show is now in the books and we had another great turnout. The quality was very good in the main building, probably the best ever. Kenny Youngblood was a hit as always and had more requests for pictures this year than last year. The "Left Coast Sha' Bang" located in the second building was off the hook and generated a lot of interest. Thanks to everyone that supported the show as a exhibitor, vendor, volunteer, sponsor or a spectator. Your participation was very much appreciated.

To see photos taken by
PDX Car Culture prior to the opening of the show: Click here to see photos


2014 Year End Report:

Race Team Has Great Year On and Off Track!

It was a great year for our racing team. Part of the improvements this year was a very reliable transmission. Prior to the start of the season, some investments were made in better transmission parts as suggested by Jeff Marsh. It obviously helped as we didn’t burn up or hurt the transmission once throughout the whole season. We also drained the fluid after every run to inspect it and this cooled the transmission faster between runs. The engine stayed sound most of the year other than a mid season piston change and head repair but that’s par for the course.

The car got a lot of air in 2015 leading to spectacular wheelstands. Photo by Andi McFarland

After doing three big Oregon indoor car shows, we started out by testing at the Tulip Festival Drags at Woodburn Dragstrip (photo above) under questionable weather conditions but the weather did hold up so we were able to make a pair of good passes. From there we went on to Medford for the Season Opener and our first Blown Alcohol Thunder event which we won and put us in the points lead. In the final round, our opponent Todd Miller crossed the centerline and hit the wall after I lost traction, but we still had low ET of the event in round two so we earned the right to be in the final.

Following some large scale shows including the Salem Chamber of Commerce’s Show Biz event, we relinquished our trailer as we waited for our new one to be completed. In the process, the trailer was a week late getting finished and we missed the Canada race in June but it was a blessing in disguise! At the next event, the Rose Festival Drags, we discovered that our heads had to be repaired and the pistons replaced after the engine got too hot and went lean in one of the nozzles. Fortunately, it was our only major repair of the 2014 season which kept our costs down considerably.

A nice launch against Kevin McCurdy. Photo by Dennis Volmer

Still in the lead but now tied with Mike Peck who won the Canada event, we headed for Renegade Raceway for race no. 3 in the Blown Alcohol Thunder Series. The car ran well and was pictured in a story about the new racing series on the well-read website. The car was not quick enough to make it to the final round but we picked up enough points to stay tied for first when the popular “Lady Elaine” funny car team skipped the second stanza and didn’t earn points for that round.

Next, we came home and made a pass on July 3rd at Woodburn’s Jet Car Nationals. It was my first pass at night there and it was quite thrilling as I did a monster wheelstand! The next day, we were at Western Days on the 4th and 5th of July and did the big parade there. If that wasn’t enough, the car was displayed at the Marion County Fair the following week. The next race for the team was in Spokane where we once again stayed tied for first with Peck and now Canadian Dane Latchelt who wound up winning the event.

Guitars Under the Stars was the surprise event in 2015. Photo by Mark Asburry

By August, we were back in display mode for the Keizer River Fest and then Guitars Under the Stars where we made lasting connections with The Guessing Game, one of the hottest bands in Seattle if not the country. I also participated in a meet and greet with some of the other artists there including Pat Travers.

We were then back on the road again, headed for Spokane for the final point race of the year. The car ran great again and recorded a 7.08 at a corrected altitude of over 5,000 feet! While the ET was wasn’t good enough to get in the final round I did get the “Good Vibrations Best Reaction Time Award” with an .0004 light which is great for a blown alcohol car. It was at this event where Dane Lachelt sewed up the Championship in the first round. We settled for second place overall when Mike Peck was unable to make the race. Still, not too bad as we were second out of 23 car that raced in our first year series.

Race no. two in Spokane. Photo by Annette Barton

In Late August and early September, the Dragster was displayed at the Oregon State Fair for the entire eleven days. Next, we raced at our final event of the year, the Fall Classic at Woodburn where we beat our opponent on 3 out of 4 passes. We finished out the year doing several holiday related events including a heavily attended Fall Harvest Festival at Bauman Farms and the recent Festival of Lights Christmas Parade which attracted over 50,000 people due to good weather.

To add a cherry to the top of a great year, the Dragster is featured in the 2015 NGK Calendar and the web site received at least 1.4 million hits in 2014. On January 3, 2015, we will do it all over again as the car will be rolled into the Linn County Expo Center for the Winter Rod and Speed Show.

This wheelstand caught by Dan Kaplan sums up the year: spectacular!

Thanks to sponsors companies who help us including Capitol Chevrolet , KYKN Radio, Adam’s Rib Smokehouse, IMAGE ACTIONWEAR INC., Royal Purple, NGK Spark Plugs, King Engine Bearings, Walery’s Pizza, Supervinyl Signs & Banners, John and Sharon Palmer, Competition Printing, Hillyer’s Tire, MV DETAIL , Canby Transmission, Salem Geeks, CPR Cylinder Head Repair, Odyssey Battery, and Cascade Trailers.

And 2014 team members Rick Klampe, Brent Sanford, David Cookman Richard Lytle, Dawn Moles and Donnie and Randi Lee for making this a great year!

Blown Alcohol Thunder Added to IHRA Nitro Jam Event

Click on logo or click here:

Here's some big news hot off the wire! The Blown Alcohol Thunder Series will be a class included in the televised IHRA Nitro Jam race at Spokane County Raceway July 9-10. If you are a blown alcohol racer with a regular roots blower and wanted to run at the new IHRA National event your time has come so start making your plans now! This will be the first IHRA national event that the Capitol team has ever competed in.

Belly Pans Required for all Spokane Events!

Craig Smith from Spokane County Raceway wanted to let Blown Alcohol Thunder contestants know that they will need to have a belly pan under their engine and transmission if they plan to compete in either the funny car class or the Blown Alcohol Thunder Pro Comp class at either of the IHRA Nitro Jam or the Coors Night of Fire races. Because the IHRA race will be nationally televised they want to keep oil downs to a minimum. According to Craig “this is not an expensive thing to do. It’s winter time so now is the time to get it done.”

This rule only pertains to Spokans County Raceway and not any other tracks that hosts a Blown Alcohol Thuder event and includes dragsters and roadsters and not just funny cars. Craig has one on his Top Fuel Dragster so you might say he's leading by example. The good news is that the payout is the same for Blown Alcohol Thunder as it is for the funny cars so welcome to professional drag racing.


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