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Driver: Rich Bailey

Car Chief: Brent Sanford

Crew: Duane Huffines

Crew: Duane Turner

Displays: Ray Lancaster

Engines and Heads: Keith McCurdy

Transmission by: Jeff Marsh

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Updated February 9, 2016 New Schedule Below!

Bailey's Blog:
Government Agency Plans to Ban All Race Car Conversions and Unknown Aftermarket Parts

You may not care now but what happens when the EPA enforces a Federal ban on some aftermarket parts and a complete ban on converting any street legal automobile into a race car? The proposed ban was announced today by SEMA as part of the "clean air act". The ban is planned to go into effect in July of this year and could eventually be a fatal blow to motorsports.

The EPA knows they can not ban all race cars since it would end NACAR and the NHRA big show which would cause a national outrage so they are nibbling around the edges instead effecting the hobby racer and perhaps the student or import racer that races in the weekly brackets or dirt tack races. In essence we could race our dragster but the guy with the bracket car that started life as a sedan would be out of luck.

This would hurt and eventually close race tracks since they rely on those weekly bracket racers to pay the lion's share of the track's bills. There is no word if the EPA will grandfather in the thousands of door slammers that are out there now. And if so what happens when a racer is ready to sell his car? Will it be illegal to sell? And since they are not registered how would the EPA know a recently built car from one built prior to the ban? So, many unanswered questions.

While we all agree that race cars do not belong on the street, many of today's bracket cars got their start originally as Dodge Darts, Novas, Camaros, Mustangs etc. While it's not clear what parts are planned to be banned, depending on the part it could effect our team directly if manufactures are no longer allowed to make parts which are vital to keep race cars on the track. Otherwise, race teams like ours will survive as long as their are still parts available. When they run out or can't get used parts it would be game over. And that's assuming the tracks can keep their gates open due to the financial loss of the elimination of door slammers under the guise of global warming.

To learn more go to the SEMA page here: https://www.sema.org/news/2016/02/08/epa-seeks-to-prohibit-conversion-of-vehicles-into-racecars

Bailey's Blog:
Capitol Racing Starts a New Chapter in 2016

So far, 2016 is shaping up to be a great year although just like life itself, circumstances can stop progress on a dime when it comes to racing. I have had many situations in the past where it could have been curtains but I have always been able to find a way to rise above it and keep the team a float.

The new year is progressing fabulously. Our in-house produced Winter Rod and Speed Show Presented by Bugerville was a BIG HIT. We had a great crowd and good cars to match. I have received a lot of great feed back since the conclusion of the event and I can't wait to start the recruiting process all over again in late summer and early fall. Speaking of late Summer, an old Summer Favorite might be coming back but more on that when it becomes official. All I can say is that it'll be hot news!

This past weekend, we had the dragster at the “Left Coast Sha’Bang” Car Show at the State Fairgrounds in Salem (pictured). This event event also had a good turn out of cars and spectators. The race car was placed near the front door as patrons came in the building so we got all of our sponsors some great exposure as everyone that came in saw the car.

While the dragster was inside, we took a couple of hours to clean and organize the trailer. After the show, we took the car home and removed the differential for an inspection and perhaps replacement of the ring and pinion if needed. We also checked the transmission and that looked fine. This was the first time our newly assembled crew members Duane Huffines and Duane Turner have worked on the car and I must say that I’m very optimistic that this will be one of the best teams I have had the pleasure to work with. I bought some new racing jackets for the crew to start anew and we will have new crew shirts soon. Of course nobody can replace Richard but if he is unable to return the team is in great hands.

Next up is the biggest indoor show we will ever do, the 60th annual Portland Roadster Show. This is the big one and I have been told by the folks running the event that they have a very good display space picked out for us. That show is March 18-20, so between now and then we will get the differential serviced and then back in the car so it’s ready to go in time for the Roadster Show.

-Rich Bailey


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Up Coming 2016 Events

Jan 22-22
Winter Rod and Speed Show
Linn County Expo Center
Albany, OIregon

Feb 6
West Coast Sha' Bang
Oregon State Fair Grounds
Salem, Oregon

March 18-20
Portland Roadster Show
Expo Center
Portland, Oregon

April 23-24
Tulip Festival
Woodburn Dragstrip

*May 14
Blown Alcohol Thunder
Champion Raceway

May 21-22
Season Opener
Woodburn Dragstrip

June 11-12
Rose Festival Drags
Woodburn Dragstrip

*July 1 - 2
Nitro Nights
Renegade Raceway

July 4
Independence OR

*Big Sky Swing July 8-17:

*July 8-9
Blown Alcohol Thunder
Spokane County Raceway

*July 16-17
Rocky Mountain Championships
Lost Creek Raceway
Butte Montana

July 23
Dallas Summerfest
Dallas OR

July 29-30
Night of Fire
Woodburn Dragstrip

*Sept. 16-17
Fall Championships
Renegade Raceway

Sept. 24-25
Fall Classic

* Blown Alcohol Thunder Series


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Winter Rod and Speed Show Presented by Burgerville

Winter Rod and Speed Show Enjoys Another Great Turn Out of Cars and People!

The 2016 Winter Rod and Speed Show Presented By Burgerville held in Albany, Oregon expanded from a one day show to a two day show. The Friday night experiment of opening the event on Friday night worked so well that we are already planning to do it again next year. In fact, the show was ready to open an hour early and spectators began arrive early. Saturday's crowd was also very good.

In terms of quality, some commented that this year's show was the best Winter Rod and Speed Show ever. The model car contest held independently at the show also enjoyed more entries and interest. For those that missed the Rat Rod show billed as the "Left Coast Sha Bang" in the back building, that event happens in Salem at the State Fairgrounds on Saturday, February 6th from 9 to 5.

Thanks to a super group of people that made the Winter Rod and Speed Show presented by Burgerville a success including Ray Lancaster, Michele Rowell Coffey, Carolyn Wilson , Dave Wilson, Duane Huffines, Duane Turner, Paul Finister, Jason Grassman, Dave Cookman, Ashley Rae, Heidi Lyn, Kenny Youngblood, Pat Coffey, Annette Barton , Laura Morett and Susan Bailey. And thanks to all of our exhibitors, vendors, spectators and sponsors. Your involvement regardless of what capacity is more appreciated then you will ever know!



Drag Parts.com Blown Alcohol Thunder Schedule

May 14 Champion Raceway, Medford
July 1-2 Renegade Raceway, Yakima

The Big Sky Swing:

July 8-9 Spokane County Raceway, Spokane
July 15-16 Lost Creek Raceway, Anaconda Montana

Sept. 16-17 The Fall Championship Race, Yakima



Capitol Racing Welcomes Duane Turner while Richard Lytle Convalesces Due to Health Challanges

Capitol Racing welcomes Duane Turner as a new crew member. Duane who resides in Corvallis, currently races in the nostalgia class and brings a wealth of racing and mechanical experience to the Capitol team. Duane Turner joins Duane Huffines as new teammates to owner driver Rich Bailey and car chief Brent Sanford.

Together both Duane Turner and Duane Huffines replace Richard Lytle who had to quit the team over lingering health issues. Brent Sanford will over see the crew and run the car. In addition Ray Lancaster will be helping with displays at selected area events.

Richard Lytle always has a place on the Capitol team. He has been a trooper through thick and thin for five years even when his health hasn't been the best. Sadly his body is telling him to slow down for a while. We hope his health improves enough so he can return to the race team or pursue other interests.

Duane Turner's racing experience even though it's in a much slower class will help the team immediately. He will learn quick. Besides racing, Duane Turner makes his living as a machinist and a mechanic for a family owned business. Duane Huffines joined the team this past fall and has been doing a lot displays so far in the post racing season. Both Mr. Huffines and Mr. Turner are married to supportive wives.



Capitol Racing Welcomes Back Product Sponsors
NGK Spark Plugs and King Engine Bearings

Both NGK and King Engine Bearings have re-committed for the 2016 season as product sponsors. NGK is the leader in spark plug technology in every racing, motorcycle and automotive category.

King Engine bearings are second to none. They manufacture their bearings in Israel using the best materials and the strictest manufacturing process. Capitol Auto Group Racing has a great long term relationship with both NGK and King Engine Bearings and we are glad to have them back for the 2016 season.

For more information about NGK Spark Plugs go to www.ngksparkplugsusa.com

King Engine Bearings can be purchased from Summit Click Here