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With the conclusion of the Roadster
how the dragster will be torn down for engine and transmission work prior to the season.

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Driver: Rich Bailey

Car Chief: Brent Sanford

Chief Fabricator: Troy Hannemann

Crew: Richard Lytle

Engines and Heads: Keith McCurdy

Transmission by: Jeff Marsh

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Jan 20-21
Winter Rod and Speed Show
Linn County Expo Center
Albany, Oregon

Feb 2
West Coast Sha' Bang
Oregon State Fair Grounds
Salem, Oregon

March 19-21
Portland Roadster Show
Expo Center
Portland, Oregon

*May 27
Season Opener
Renegade Raceway

*June 9-10
Spokane County Raceway

*July 1
Nitro Nights
Renegade Raceway

July 4
Independence OR

*Big Sky Swing :

*July 7-8
Rocky Mountain Championships
Lost Creek Raceway
Butte Montana

July 30-31
Night of Fire
Woodburn Dragstrip

*August 5
Billings Montana

*August 17-18
Nitro Summer Nationals

August 27
Oregon State Fair
Salem OR

*Sept. 2
Blown Alcohol Championships
Idaho Falls

Sept. 23-24
Fall Classic

* Blown Alcohol Thunder Series


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Bailey's Blog
More Compression Expected to Really Wake up the Capitol Dragster

While we have no regrets about entering the dragster into the Portland Roadster Show with a dazzling new paint job, It's late date in March set us back weeks as we had to go through the engine and get it ready for the season ahead. It's a moot point anyway since the Tulip Festival race rained out so we're now not so behind. But it would have been dissappointing had we missed it.

Hopefully we'll be ready to go for the Season Opener at Woodburn but there are still a couple issues that need to be sorted out first. One is getting my licence renewed (that's a long story and more on that in a blog to come) and second is my helmet just got recalled at the same time it's getting painted by Denis Lafferty. Otherwise, we'll start out at Yakima for the first Blown Alcohol Thunder race of the new season.

As for me, while the engine has been out of the car the last few weeks I have been working out, getting the new t-shirt designed and doing a minor renovation project on the truck betwen rainstoms so it's clean and working good once we start racing this summer. Our schedule is ambitious as we have eight races on the road this summer from Yakima at the end of May to Idaho Falls in September. In fact, we have not had this many races on the road ever so it will be a challenge to do them all before the budget for the year runs dry. Along with a little luck, everything will have to go perfectly meaning no spun bearings or any problems like that.

That gets me to the point of this column, last year we ran our best ever with no breakage utilizing a low compression combination. Those pistons were down in the hole by a quarter of an inch yet it ran 206 MPH. One of my racing friends predicted we would be lucky to run 7.50 with that combo! Boy was he wrong! If anything, if a low compression engine is easy on parts and still has the power for a 200 MPH pass using a worn out blower, perhaps that's what everyone should be doing. But truth be told we were 2 tenths behind our top two competitors so we made the right choice to step it up.

So when Keith McCurdy started working on the engine he noticed those Wiseco Pistons had shrunk a little bit and recommended that we install the JE Pistons I bought from my friend Rick Kikes. Well those bad boys are right at deck height and should really give us some power and stability! Over the weekend Keith, Troy and myself had over 7 hours in the piston and rod assembly. I file fitted all the rings by hand and Keith had to shave the pistons for rod clearance and then re-balance the pistons. It was a lot of work but still a completely awesome day.

On Monday night we should have it all done. By the weekend we hope to have the transmission back from Jeff Marsh at Canby Transmission and the car fired up by next Sunday. On top of all that, Troy is loaning us his blower to use and if the compression doesn't make the car fly this will! I will keep you posted on the progress and any set backs that could arise getting the car back together.

-Rich Bailey


Best in Class at Roadster Show!

The Capitol Auto Group Dragster won "Best in Class" at the Portland Roadster Show held at the Portland Expo Center. The Portland Roadster Show is the biggest indoor show in the Northwest as over 22,000 people attended the event in 2016. The crowd around the car was good all weekend especially on Saturday.

This year was especially sweet as a lot of work went into painting the car over the holidays. Painter Jeff Lewis had two cars in the show this year as Steve Marcus also won Best in Class in the Altered class. Also congrats to Don Burgoyne who won in the nostalgia class.


Capitol Auto Group Racing Named NGK Spark Plugs Racer of the Month!

Capitol Auto Group Racing is NGK Spark Plug's Racer of the Month! Thank you NGK! We have always used NGK products and one time a crew member suggested that we try to get them as a sponsor. We thought we had no chance but it was worth a try, and here we are ten years later and they are still with us! They are truly the racer's choice for excellent, high performing spark plugs! March is also the month that the picture above is on the NGK Calendar and the banner on their FaceBook page.


Community supports Walery's Arreciation Night in droves!
Walery's Pizza Night a Big Success!

A grass roots movement on Facebook to support Walery's Pizza which was damaged by a crack head who caused $20,000 in damage Was a success. The whole thing began when your's truly posted on Facebook a suggestion to patronize at Walery's on Tuesday night in order to help Walery's recover some of their losses. Walerys was stuck with paying the first $10,000.

The idea spread like wild fire on Facebook in just three days. In addition, Mike Adams shared the idea on Gator Gaynor's show on KYKN. On Tuesday the place was packed all day and night. In fact, the pizza parlor had to close early because they were getting low on pizza dough.

Owners Dave and Marsha Walery were overwhelmed by the community support and thanked the hundreds of people that streamed into Walery's on that unforgettable Tuesday. Now that's supporting your sponsors!


Capitol Renews Team Partnership for 17th Consecutive Year

Promotion Motorsports Services LLC happy to announce that Capitol Auto Group has officially renewed our marketing partnership for the 17th consecutive year. "I would like to thank the management of Capitol for staying with me through thick and thin. This year we have supplied them a newly designed paint scheme that they can truly be proud of. It’s going to be a great season on the Blown Alcohol Thunder Series circuit" Said Rich Bailey driver and team owner.

Capitol Auto Group is one of the premier auto dealerships in the Northwest and is based in Salem, Oregon on the Parkway. They sell sell four of the leading brands including Chevrolet, Cadillac, Toyota and Subaru along with a great line of pre-owned cars. Look for our Capitol Deal of the week on the side bar of this page or go to to see there current inventory.

Dragster Scored Best Engine at the Left Coast Sha'Bang Car Show!

The new Capitol Dragster scored the best engine award at the Left Coast Sha' Bang car show held at the Oregon State Fairgrounds. The award was totally unexpected!


ProMotion Welcome Guild Mortgage!

ProMotion Motorsports Services LLC would like to welcome Guild Mortgage and lending agent Vince Ventura to the race team's family of high quality sponsors.
Vince has 19 years in the mortgage industry and this is his 10th year of supporting ProMotion Motorsports. "We are glad that Vince Ventura continues to support our race team now that he has joined Guild" said team owner Rich Bailey.

If you are looking to refinance or are buying a home, perhaps your first, put Vince on your team! Vince can be reached at his Salem office at 503-932-4621 or online at

Guild Mortgage is an Equal Housing Lender MLS #3274, OR ML-176. Vince Ventura NMLS#9030


Capitol Dragster Debuts at Show

If all the beautiful cars at the Winter Rod and Speed Show were not enough, the Capitol Auto Group Dragster went from nice looking to eye candy and recieved a lot of rave reviews including a seal of approval from none other than automotive artist and legendary drag racing icon Kenny Youngblood who was at the show as the guest celeb.

The car was painted by Jeff Lewis and the lettering was made by Mark Adam's at Supervinyl Signs and Banners. The rendeing and design was produced by Rich Bailey at ProMotion Motorsports Services LLC. Next, the car will be on display at the Left Coast Sha'Bang Indoor Car Show in Salem at the State Fairgrounds February 4th.



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Vince Ventura

Guild Mortgage is an Equal Housing Lender MLS #3274,
OR ML-176.
Vince Ventura NMLS#9030

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