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With the conclusion of the Roadster
how the dragster will be torn down for engine and transmission work prior to the season.

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Driver: Rich Bailey

Car Chief: Brent Sanford

Chief Fabricator: Troy Hannemann

Crew: Richard Lytle

Engines and Heads: Keith McCurdy

Transmission by: Jeff Marsh

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Jan 20-21
Winter Rod and Speed Show
Linn County Expo Center
Albany, Oregon

Feb 2
West Coast Sha' Bang
Oregon State Fair Grounds
Salem, Oregon

March 19-21
Portland Roadster Show
Expo Center
Portland, Oregon

May 6
Capitol Auto Group

May 13
Cascade High School
Turner Oregon

*May 20-21
Season Opener
Woodburn Dragstrip

*May 27
Season Opener
Renegade Raceway

*June 9-10
Spokane County Raceway

*July 1
Nitro Nights
Renegade Raceway

July 4
Independence OR

*Big Sky Swing :

*July 7-8
Rocky Mountain Championships
Lost Creek Raceway
Butte Montana

July 30-31
Night of Fire
Woodburn Dragstrip

*August 5
Billings Montana

*August 17-18
Nitro Summer Nationals

August 27
Oregon State Fair
Salem OR

*Sept. 2
Blown Alcohol Championships
Idaho Falls

Sept. 23-24
Fall Classic

* Blown Alcohol Thunder Series


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Bad Gear Drive Limits Testing to Only One Run at Woodburn Opener

So, how was the first time out? Well, it was a sweet and sour one, good and bad. First the bad, we made one run the entire weekend and it wasn’t stellar. The car only ran a 7.41. We originally blamed it on the tune up but it wasn’t all that fat as there was barely any alcohol in the puke tank. The reason for the one pass was that prior to our planned second run, Brent and Troy heard a click noise and then we spent the rest of the weekend chasing down the problem.

It turned out to be the gear drive, so today I drove all the way to Portland looking for a new one to salvage the weekend and neither NAPA or Baxter’s had one other than one in the NAPA computer which was located in Indianapolis. Come on guys less air fresheners and more parts!

The good was that we had the sense to stop testing before we really hurt the engine badly on a second run. We also were able to catch the problem before our next race this coming weekend in Yakima. AIso, I got that first run of the season behind me and we now know what we have to work with. There are alway a few butterflies not knowing what is going to happen mechanically before that first pass.

Another positive is that we were able to buy a parachute from Dennis Taylor so that took care of another problem we had. Thanks again Dennis! We sold quite a few shirts over the weekend. Finally, we got to see a lot of friends that we have not seen in months. So, over all it wasn’t that bad of a weekend for testing. Now it's a race aagainst time to get the car back together in time for Yakima this coming weekend. Photo by Terry Knickerbocker.


Season Preview: Bailey's Blog
It's a New Season and a New Look with Eight Big Races on the Road!

Everything is new again for the Capitol Team. This includes a new paint job, new t-shirts, new uniforms, a newly reconditioned truck, a new hemet and a leaner and meaner driver. This year the big challenge will be making all eight races on the road including two three states away without running out of money. That's a tall order for me but we managed to do it last year.

After completing the engine thanks to Keith McCurdy, Brent Sanford and Troy Hannemann we are resting up before really turning it loose for three months! First, we will hit the Season Opener at Woodburn Dragstrip next weekend which will serve as a test session. Then we are off to Yakima on Memorial Day Weekend for the Dee Adams Night of Fire race which is also the opening Blown Alcohol Thunder race. Word has it there will be 10 cars at that race including first timers Wet Garvin and Don Harder's funny car team. We won't be the only ones that will need to bring their "A Game". Last year's series runner up Brent Jones will have to turn up the wick and Series Champion Dane Lachelt will have to set down his two bottles bottle of rye for this one.

After Yakima we're off to Spokane and then a new race at Firebird Raceway in Boise before returning to Yakima for Nitro Nights Under the Lights at the end of June! In July we are back home for the Western Days Parade before going back on the road to Butte Montana. After Butte it gets sticky. Do we leave our stuff in Montana for a three week break or bring it all back home again before going back to Montana for the second Big Sky race in Billings which is a few hours north of Denver? I still haven't figured that one out yet but I'm leaning towards leaving the rig in Montana.

After Yellowstone Raceway in Billings which has always been on my bucket list we're back in Spokane for the Nitro Summer Nationals before coming home for the Oregon State Fair. Then it's back on the road one more time for the Blown Alcohol Thunder Championships in Idaho Falls at a brand new track called Sage Raceway. We end the season at the Fall Classic at Woodburn, Sept 23-24. Then it's fall display time.

It's taken me twenty years but I feel my career is where I've always dreamed it could one day be: a touring pro drag racer even if it's not nitro in mid-sized markets and not at NHRA national event tracks. But this is how the pro's did it back in the 70's at small tracks all over the country and now we get to face the same challenges they did. We got the tracks, the sponsors and the best teammates which I can always count on. Now the pressure is on me win one of these races and not blow our stuff up in the process. Otherwise, this dream is over and it's back to the local car display circuit which I also enjoy.

-Rich Bailey

Bailey's Blog
Working Out Pays Off For Driver that was Almost on Death's Front Door!

Hows that for a headline? So often we are more concerned about what to do with the race car than we are about improving the driver! Oh, he's expected to sharpen his starting line skills over the winter but not much else is expected as health and well being are often taken for granted. A long as he has his license all is well with the race team. Or is it?

You might have seen my blog about my carb addiction a while back but I didn't fully explain the situation I was in at the time, but I will now. I applied for my NHRA driver application renewal this past January. Part of the process is getting a physical. Well the long and the short of it is I passed the outward physical part but on the inside I was in such poor health that the doctor refused to sign my medical certificate.

He said my A1c levels were so bad that he would not sign off on my license until they went down substantially. I didn't know what an A1c was. But I do now. It's your average blood sugar levels for three months. I was like at level 10 and that my friends is walking death! That's Heart Attack Grill time! That's a stroke any minute! Since, the doctor had me on the "hook" as he put it I had no choice but to go on a diet and work out while increasing my meds. Otherwise, my driving days were over.

I have psoriatic arthritis and have had it for over 20 years. While all this was going on I forgot I had it and joined the gym immediately. The last time I joined the gym I had to quit because of the arthritis. I thought my work out days were long passed! Well here I am at 55 years of age and I'm working out almost daily. I feel better now than I have for years. I do a 20 minute cardio and then I do light weight exorcizes for another 25 to 30 minutes.

Where I still struggle is with the carbs (and who doesn't ?) but I have done much better. I have cut out the morning drive thru, the fires and the pop. But was this enough? Well, in the middle of all this I had to get my USDOT physical from a different doctor so I went to a USDOT clinic and had them do the NHRA certification as a back up plan. Well, that blew up in my face! He wrote all the DOT stuff on the NHRA forms which was more information then they require. I sent in the forms to NHRA in order to cut some time off the three month wait with my primary doctor. It turned out that the A1c was written on the form and it was still too high even for NHRA. So, my goose was cooked since NHRA rejected the forms from the USDOT doctor!

The three month mark finally arrived with my primary doctor and so I went in to do the blood test on a Friday. All I could think of over the weekend was what am I going to do if the A1c test is still too high and the doctor doesn't sign off on the forms? Monday arrived and I got the A1c was a level 6 which was perfect! In fact, everything was back to normal. I got my license yesterday and now I'm ready to race for two more years. Until then, I'm keeping this new life style going. I feel 35 again and I'm enjoying life in the fast lane!

-Rich Bailey


Best in Class at Roadster Show!

The Capitol Auto Group Dragster won "Best in Class" at the Portland Roadster Show held at the Portland Expo Center. The Portland Roadster Show is the biggest indoor show in the Northwest as over 22,000 people attended the event in 2016. The crowd around the car was good all weekend especially on Saturday.

This year was especially sweet as a lot of work went into painting the car over the holidays. Painter Jeff Lewis had two cars in the show this year as Steve Marcus also won Best in Class in the Altered class. Also congrats to Don Burgoyne who won in the nostalgia class.


Capitol Auto Group Racing Named NGK Spark Plugs Racer of the Month!

Capitol Auto Group Racing is NGK Spark Plug's Racer of the Month! Thank you NGK! We have always used NGK products and one time a crew member suggested that we try to get them as a sponsor. We thought we had no chance but it was worth a try, and here we are ten years later and they are still with us! They are truly the racer's choice for excellent, high performing spark plugs! March is also the month that the picture above is on the NGK Calendar and the banner on their FaceBook page.


Community supports Walery's Arreciation Night in droves!
Walery's Pizza Night a Big Success!

A grass roots movement on Facebook to support Walery's Pizza which was damaged by a crack head who caused $20,000 in damage Was a success. The whole thing began when your's truly posted on Facebook a suggestion to patronize at Walery's on Tuesday night in order to help Walery's recover some of their losses. Walerys was stuck with paying the first $10,000.

The idea spread like wild fire on Facebook in just three days. In addition, Mike Adams shared the idea on Gator Gaynor's show on KYKN. On Tuesday the place was packed all day and night. In fact, the pizza parlor had to close early because they were getting low on pizza dough.

Owners Dave and Marsha Walery were overwhelmed by the community support and thanked the hundreds of people that streamed into Walery's on that unforgettable Tuesday. Now that's supporting your sponsors!


Capitol Renews Team Partnership for 17th Consecutive Year

Promotion Motorsports Services LLC happy to announce that Capitol Auto Group has officially renewed our marketing partnership for the 17th consecutive year. "I would like to thank the management of Capitol for staying with me through thick and thin. This year we have supplied them a newly designed paint scheme that they can truly be proud of. It’s going to be a great season on the Blown Alcohol Thunder Series circuit" Said Rich Bailey driver and team owner.

Capitol Auto Group is one of the premier auto dealerships in the Northwest and is based in Salem, Oregon on the Parkway. They sell sell four of the leading brands including Chevrolet, Cadillac, Toyota and Subaru along with a great line of pre-owned cars. Look for our Capitol Deal of the week on the side bar of this page or go to to see there current inventory.



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